Monetize Anything-as-a-Service

The market is changing. Subscriber preferences are changing. Zuora lets you handle it all.
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The market-leading quote-to-revenue
platform for enterprise businesses

Zuora provides the leading cloud-based subscription management solution. Our platform is designed for agile, recurring subscription business models and acts as an intelligent subscription management hub that automates and orchestrates the entire quote-to-revenue process: quotes, orders, invoices, payments, collections, and revenue recognition.

Zuora Expands Beyond Subscriptions

Unified Monetization

Expand your monetization processes beyond recurring subscriptions and usage models.

Platform SDK & APIs

Enterprise-grade technology that’s faster to deploy, easier to use, and more agile than ever.

Zuora CPQ X

Bringing simplicity and speed back to the quoting experience.

Zuora Produkt-Keynote

Hear Sri Srinavasan, Zuora’s Chief Product & Engineering Officer, talk about innovations designed to accelerate your growth in the Subscription Economy™.

Zuora customers rave about the latest updates

“We are thrilled to see Zuora’s pace of innovation to support our non-recurring Consumable and Field Service offerings. Unified Monetization will provide the flexibility to seamlessly bill for all our products, subscriptions and services on a single platform, and if desired, a single invoice. This will eliminate tedious back-end integration and data reconciliation efforts present today – providing the immediate agility to monetize our water-as-a-service on a single platform.”
Trevor Owens
VP of Architecture, Quench


Download your monetization blueprint

While a majority of business leaders understand the need to shift to subscriptions, according to research only 55% believe that they’re ready for that transition. Find out how Zuora can help.

What’s New: Product Innovations

Learn more about the latest features of our platform.

Monetize Anything-as-a-Service

Product natives are struggling to pivot to services, while many service companies also have products to sell. That’s why we’re opening up our platform beyond subscriptions to enable companies to monetize the best of their products and subscription services together. Zuora lets you unify disjoined processes across multiple systems into a single monetization platform. As a result, you get to take advantage of a unified order, invoice & payment experience, as well as a single source of truth for all your subscriber data.


Build and integrate with Zuora APIs

Zuora makes it easy to plug our platform into your tech stack and start monetizing anything-as-a-service. With SDKs eliminating all the friction, developers can spend less time configuring and more time executing.

What’s more, our platform is not only developer-friendly, but also end-user friendly. A billing operations user might want to log in to check outstanding invoices, while a CFO is looking for a broad view of the business. Each user can configure their home page to make Zuora their own monetization command center.

CPQ 10

A purpose-built CPQ for Enterprise

Subscription deals are a complicated balance of charge models, pricing, quoting, contract durations, billing frequencies and more. With Zuora CPQ X, you can easily guide your sales team through the most complex deal arrangements, quickly and effectively.
Quoting isn’t just about landing a deal. It’s also about maximizing the lifetime value of your subscriber by adding flexibility to their pricing options. Zuora CPQ X helps you offer prospects more choices, accurately forecast your bookings, and win subscribers for life without creating extra burden for your finance team.

Learn more about Zuora’s market-leading subscription management platform

Zuora Billing

Monetize anything-as-a-service Learn more

Zuora Revenue

Recognize revenue in real-time Learn more

Zuora Collect

Simplify payments. Collect cash.Learn more

Zuora Central Platform

Build the ultimate subscriber experienceLearn more


Unified Monetization

Join us October 6th and learn how to monetize any combination of your subscriptions, physical goods, professional services, and more with Zuora’s newest unified monetization capabilities.

Integration with Microsoft Automates Enterprise Revenue Recognition

Integrations with Azure, Dynamics 365 Finance and Power BI will strengthen Zuora’s core offerings: accelerating innovation and enhancing the subscriber experience.

Zuora is the leader in
subscription management

We created the category and now we’re leading it. But don’t take it from us. Hear it from our customers and industry analysts.
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Zuora recognized as a leader in the IDC Marketscape for Subscription Management Applications

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Zuora recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave: SaaS Billing Solutions

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Tools and tips to help you succeed with your subscription business

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Ready to get started?
Speak with an expert to learn how Zuora can help you deliver great subscription experiences
Ready to get started?
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive
Ready to get started?
Speak with an expert to learn how Zuora
can help you deliver great subscription experiences
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive
Ready to get started?
Speak with an expert to learn how Zuora can help you deliver great subscription experiences
Get your hands on the product and test drive Zuora for free Take a test drive