Our Culture: The ZEO Way

While systems play an important role in growth and transformation, culture is far more important, and harder to build. To meet the needs of dynamic subscription businesses, we have built a dynamic company with innovation stamped into its DNA.

What it means to be a ZEO

Our goal is to create an irresistible experience for all our ZEOs. Where we are all able to realize our aspirations. This experience is embedded in our culture. Every employee is the CEO of their Zuora experience, i.e., a ZEO. We own our decisions. Our impact. Our growth. We value freedom, responsibility and accountability in equal measure because we have the capacity to chart our own path and make things happen.

“ZEO Culture isn’t an empty branding effort. We take it very seriously. We encourage our employees to be curious, creative, and stay focused on our shared mission of enabling our customers to be successful. We are building a company for the long-term – a place where people celebrate success but also know that they need to continue to innovate, lead, and evolve with the Subscription Economy.”

-Tien Tzuo

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Building the World Subscribed demands a diverse and inclusive workplace – it helps us better understand our customers and empowers us to be more innovative. This is why, as ZEOs, we bring all the elements of who we are into our work, because our different experiences, perspectives and contributions matter. Everyone counts.

Diversity is about who we bring in to Zuora, who’s sitting around that table, who’s being recruited, who’s being promoted. Inclusion is equally important.

“Each of us needs to know we can bring our true selves to Zuora, that we won’t be judged, that we can be comfortable in our own skin. Knowing that when we work, collaborate and debate, we won’t be held back because of who we are. Our ZEO culture only works if we have a culture of Inclusion, where we start with the individual, and each of us knows they have a voice, a seat at the table.”

-Tien Tzuo

We have designed our talent processes to be a level playing field for all. We work to ensure an unbiased approach to hiring, promotions and talent development conversations. We actively track the percentage of ZEOs we have from under-represented groups with a focus on building a workforce that reflects our diverse society. Our regular pulse surveys hold us accountable, as a concrete measure of how we’re doing.

Our ZEO Interest Groups

We have a company of empowered, diverse, and invested ZEO’s who bring out the best in one another. Zuora supports the passions of all of our employees – and we encourage ZEOs to establish a group to build awareness and support for groups they care about.

Our interest groups are employee-led, leader-sponsored groups where ZEOs from different global offices and departments come together around a shared interest or passion. Together, they provide a safe space to discuss topics, participate in activities, facilitate career development, sponsor community involvement and act as a resource to the business. Our groups are open to everyone at Zuora, and include:



Familia (LatinX)

OZ (Pride)





Zuora.org and The Zuora Impact Fund

At our IPO we committed that 1% of our resources would be directly funneled back into our communities. To make good on this promise, we launched Zuora.org. Through Zuora.org we are committed to ensuring the Subscription Economy benefits individuals and communities as much as it does businesses. We want everyone to be able to access and participate in this new economy and benefit from the opportunities being unlocked. In an effort to create more inclusive economies, last year Zuora committed an initial $1,000,000 to provide funding to organizations that are working tirelessly to help bridge socioeconomic opportunity gaps. The company’s philanthropic arm, Zuora.org, will use the funds to fuel two initiatives: the Zuora Impact Fund which invests in mission-aligned nonprofits and social enterprises and employee-driven volunteer and fundraising activation.

Z-Philanthropy and Employee Giving

At the heart of Zuora.org is the work of our global ZEOs. Individuals from around the world have stepped up to start local Z-Philanthropy chapters and regularly create rich volunteer and giving experiences for fellow ZEOs.
The activities created are grown from the passions of our ZEO’s and there is no limit to the types of volunteer and giving campaigns that our Z-Philanthropists create.

Earlier this year we hosted our first-ever Global Week of Giving, in which ZEOs from around the world developed and participated in volunteer activities both in Zuora’s offices and in our communities.
See our work in action.

Environmental Sustainability

As a technology software company, we have a reasonably light environmental footprint. We have implemented several initiatives relating to sustainable use of resources, including implementing technological tools and centralized printers to encourages lower-paper consumption, encouraging our employees to recycle and compost, offering reusable dish-ware and utensils and providing filtered water dispensers to discourage consumption of bottled water in most of our break-rooms, providing electric car charging stations for employee use at our corporate headquarters, and disposing of old computers and other electronic equipment with an electronic waste vendor so that such equipment is responsibly recycled, repurposed or donated. In addition, our employee-led resource group, ZEOs4Sustainability, helps drive employee-led environmental sustainability efforts.