You’re Leading the Industry. Let us Spread the Word.

Zuora will work with you to find the best way to tell your story.

The Zuora Advocacy Program is a way for our amazing customers to get the word out about how they’re changing the world, one subscription at a time. 

Tell Your Story

Zuora's customer advocacy program is interested in what makes your company unique. We want to promote your success by shouting it from the mountain tops. It just makes sense. When you grow, we grow. Your company should be the northstar example for Subscription Economy innovators and disruptors around the world. 

Video Spotlight

Lights, camera, action! We’ll send a camera crew to your office for an in-person interview and cut together a film about your journey.

Speaking Opportunities

Customers are regularly invited to present individually or on panels at Zuora events, such as our Subscribed conferences around the globe, Subscribed Institute events, the “Make Shift Happen” Show on, and other key product-focused content.

Press and Analyst Activities

Get your name in the press or in an analyst’s next report. Tell the world about your new subscriptions that will change the way people live and do business. 

One-on-One Customer Reference Call

Describe your success with a prospective Zuora customer and get your name out there as an early-adopter.

Blog or Academy Guide

Contribute to a blog or academy guide and cement your place among the thought leaders of your industry.



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