Industry leading recurring billing solution

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Bill customers in multiple ways

  • Monthly, quarterly, annually, or any other period of time
  • When service is provisioned, when a customers signs up, or at any other milestone
  • Based on a variety of charge models including a flat fee, per unit, volume pricing, tiered, overage, and more
Zuora Economy Plan
Zuora Premium Plan
Zuora Platinum Plan

Scale and Automate Your Billing

Wiederkehrende Abrechnung

Speed up billing operations for large volumes of invoices at scale without losing attention to detail. Group customers together and set up automated billing schedules and rules for each group.

Teilzahlungen und Berechnungen

Every time a customer upgrades, downgrades, or changes a subscription, billing is impacted. By using the Rating Engine from the Zuora Central Platform, Zuora automatically handles these prorations and calculations so you don’t become a bottleneck


Use Zuora’s tax engine or integrate with a 3rd party tax solution to pull real-time tax calculations for every invoice

network of billing relationships

Manage a Network of Billing Relationships without Breaking a Sweat

A company with 50 offices usually doesn’t want to receive 50 separate bills. No matter how complex a company’s network of billing relationships are, in Zuora you can roll-up recurring billing, invoice ownership, invoice transfers, and even payment terms to match a customer’s billing preferences.

Send a Clean, Clear, and Accurate Invoice. Every Time.

Ihre Kunden müssen wissen, was ihnen berechnet wird. Eine akkurate, leicht verständliche Rechnung ist gleichbedeutend mit weniger Anrufen beim Support und zufriedeneren Kunden. Schöpfen Sie das reiche Angebot von Möglichkeiten der Rechnungsvorlage wie Gruppierungen, Zwischensummen und bedingte Logik aus, um Rechnungsvorlagen in Zuora zu entwerfen und zu konfigurieren.


"Previously, the monthly billing process required the efforts of four full-time employees plus assistance from two others. With Zuora, two people handle the entire process, including invoicing, payment processing, dunning, refunds, and invoice adjustments.

-Ruslan Bondarev, CTO


"Zuora is the number one choice when it comes to billing systems."

-Zach Urlocker, COO


"Zuora's great at enabling recurring billing and managing the overall subscription, which is something that is always difficult, as we all know, with ERP systems.

-Former Head of Business Enablement, Bill Plummer

Powering the Subscription Economy™

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