Automate Revenue Recognition

Less spreadsheet pain, more strategic gains

Automate revenue for dynamic business models

The modern digital economy is creating an explosion of customer-centric business models and changing how companies track, calculate and report on revenue. Changing accounting rules create more work for accounting teams, and the revenue complexity of dynamic business models exposes your business to compliance risk.

Zuora automates the entire revenue recognition process to free your accounting teams and make revenue compliance a breeze.

Break free from spreadsheets

Your accounting teams are already drowning in manual work to keep up with neensure revenue recognition rules are being applied accurately.

But revenue complexity and volumes of customer changes continue to rise, hiring more and more revenue analysts isn’t a sustainable path forward.

Zuora RevPro frees your accountants from spreadsheets, automates the entire revenue recognition process, and ensures you’re closing the books in days, not weeks.

Minimize revenue compliance risk

As revenue volume and complexity grows, so does the chance of manual errors, control deficiencies, and misstatements. And you can’t afford non-compliance fines or a damaged reputation.

Zuora RevPro systematically applies the right revenue rules every time to ensure you maintain full compliance with ASC606 and IFRS15.

Be an enabler of new growth strategies

The business is always thinking about what’s next, whether that’s making an acquisition or pursuing a new market. But the pace of change is faster than your accounting team can adapt.

Zuora provides a configurable, scalable approach to revenue recognition, meaning you can say yes to every growth opportunity.


More and more companies are moving their cash to order transformation to Zuora's single platform solution.

Contract Grouping

Link multiple transactions from one or more upstream systems into a single revenue contract 

Standalone Selling Price

Analyze historical transaction data to assess compliance rates, establish SSP and automatically calculate transaction price allocations


Automate revenue accounting for contract adjustments either prospectively or retroactively

Revenue Schedules

Automatically calculate and schedule revenue journal entries to be recorded in the GL based on triggering events

Variable Gegenleistung

Estimate variable consideration when the total transaction price is unknown at revenue contract conception and update with actuals as available


Project revenue timing and provide insights to facilitate strategic business decisions

Cost Management

Configure rules to account for costs in alignment with revenue policies

GAAP Reporting

Prepare ASC606/IFRS15 disclosure requirements such as disaggregated revenue, contract balances and satisfaction of performance obligations

Management Reporting

Access an extensive library of configurable reports and dashboards to provide visibility into revenue positions such as waterfall reports, rollforward reports, revenue insights

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"Thanks to Workflow Builder and other capabilities in the Zuora Central Platform, reporting is a lot easier and we have consistent data for our new platform, which has simplified our accrual process."

- Jason Gulledge, VP of Engineering at StackPath

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case study


"I taught myself how to use Workflow Builder, and now I can build automation into existing business processes without asking engineering for help. Today, Workflow Builder runs daily and saves our internal teams hours of manual work. The more we use it, the more value it brings to our company.”

- Devin Schroeder Revenue Operations Analyst

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“Zuora's Workflow Builder saves us 10 minutes per account that we used to manually manage. Zuora is helping us maximize subscription revenue and keep our customers informed and educated.”

- Ben Seeman, Credit and Collections Manager at KeepTruckin

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